Elipse balloon is a type of gastric balloon that does not require endoscopy, also known as the “gastric balloon pill” among the people. Just like other stomach balloons, it covers a certain volume in your stomach, allowing you to fill up more quickly with less food. It also helps you slim down by prolonging the passage time of foods through the stomach and making you hungry later.

What is an elipse balloon?

Swallowable gastric balloon, also known as elipse gastric balloon, is a new technology gastric balloon-type that can be inserted into the stomach without the need for anesthesia and surgical procedures used in the treatment of obesity. Thanks to this balloon, weight can be quickly lost along with the diet. The principle of working is the same as for other methods of gastric ballooning. Thanks to the swallowable stomach balloon, satiety can be achieved by eating less, and thus weight loss is achieved. For this reason, most patients commonly use the elipse pill for weight loss.

Elipse balloon before and after

In Turkey, the processes before and after the ellipse balloon are carried out very successfully. Patients are always under the control of a doctor before and after the elipse weight loss balloon procedure. You can find the details of the processes before and after the elipse stomach balloon below.

Before the procedure

Before this procedure, your doctor will ask you some questions. Performs a detailed physical examination. If no obstacle is found to the operation, the operation is performed. However, a few days before the procedure, your doctor may ask you to use certain medications. These medications are given to prevent you from becoming nauseous and to make your stomach suitable for the procedure.

During the procedure

The application of the allurion elipse balloon takes about 15 minutes. The balloon, which is compressed in the form of a capsule of absorbable size, and the thin flexible rope attached to the balloon are swallowed with the help of water. One of the biggest concerns of our patients is the fear of not being able to swallow the capsule. However, in all our applications to date, all of our patients have swallowed the capsule easily. Still, there is a subtle guideline used by the doctor just in case this happens. In such a case, the swallowing process is completed with the help of this guide.

After swallowing the capsule, the position of the capsule is checked in the stomach with a fluoroscopy device. Thanks to the fluoroscopy device, the patient can see the capsule in his stomach. After the suitability of the capsule position is confirmed, water is transferred into the balloon with the help of the outer rope and inflated. After being inflated, the rope remaining outside is removed by the doctor after being checked with the fluoroscope device again. This completes the process.

After the procedure

Allurion elipse balloon does not need to be removed. At the end of 4 months, the water in the balloon is discharged thanks to the self-dissolving valve. As a result, the deflated balloon is expelled from the intestines. After the elipse intragastric balloon is placed in the patient’s stomach, there is a rest period of 10 minutes. Then, the person is told in detail how to feed after the procedure and the side effects that may occur. After these informations, the patient is sent home with peace of mind.

A new period begins for the patient as the person’s desire to eat will decrease. For this very reason, the nutrition system should be balanced and sustainable in the process after the allurion elipse balloon is placed. Thus, the person who has undergone the swallowable gastric balloon procedure adapts to the process much more easily and gets very good results. Spending this period following the directions of nutritionists will make it easier to achieve the goal.

What are the advantages of the elipse gastric balloon?

The advantages of this method include:

  • Not to use anesthesia,
  • Failure to perform endoscopy,
  • Does not require extra processing, is eliminated from the body spontaneously,
  • The complication rate is very low.

Side Effects

The elipse balloon side effects are very low. The first 3-4 days after the balloon is inserted may be nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. But these complications are very rare. For the first 7 days, the patient can not tolerate the balloon due to these side effects. In addition, the probability of the balloon leaving is around 1-2%. If this happens, your doctor may remove the balloon with an endoscopy. However this allurion elipse balloon side effects is the least common among balloon side effects.


Elipse balloon reviews show that patients prefer this procedure to a large extent. Because the process is very easy. At the same time, its complications and risks are minimal. With this procedure, patients can lose 10 to 30 pounds.

Elipse balloon and pregnancy

This procedure is not suitable for pregnant women. Because losing weight during pregnancy adversely affects the development of the baby. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, do this before you get pregnant.

Elipse balloon price turkey

Elipse balloon cost is very affordable in Turkey when considered on an international scale. For example, compared to the elipse balloon usa price, the procedures in Turkey are a great opportunity for patients coming from abroad. Because they can get services that are of the same quality as the services in their own countries much cheaper. In addition, the elipse weight loss balloon cost is different for each hospital. This is usually due to the quality of the hospitals and the experience of the doctors who serve there. Therefore, when questioning the allurion elipse balloon price, be sure to question the quality of the service you will receive. Get a detailed understanding of the contents of the packages offered to you. The more sure you are of the quality of the center where you will perform the procedure, the less risk you will have problems in later processes.

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