Hair transplant is an treatment which helps people who have the problem of hair loss. When people lost their all or part of their natural hair, it is possible for them to plant hair in hair transplant clinics. So affordable hair transplant cost is and important matter to decide. It is a procedure generally occurs on men because of they are more prone to hair fall. But sometimes it is possible for women to have the need of hair transplant. That is why it is not right to say this is an operation for men.

What Determines the Hair Transplant Cost?

Hair transplant operations can be performed depends on different applications and different hair graft numbers. That is the main reason it is not possible to determine a specific hair transplant cost. The most important substance in determining the cost of this operation is the technique. For example; mostly defined as the best hair transplant procedure fue hair transplant cost is more expensive than the classical known fut hair transplaafront. But it is possible to say that fue hair transplant surgery presents recovery in a short time and also it is newer technique. Most of the doctors and clinics declare that the amount of hair graft cost is also an another determining item. For instance 2000 grafts hair transplant cost is different than 1000 grafts of hair That is why the exact answer will be given to you according to your sitution by your doctor.

Hair Transplant Cost Turkey

At the same time, there are higher-level methods such as sapphire fue and dhi in planting services. With these methods, more comfortable procedures are performed in patients. Again, with the realization of these procedures, a significant change is achieved in the appearance of the patients. Again with newer techniques the cost becomes variable. Sapphire fue method hair transplant cost is again different from dhi.

Today, different methods are used in each health center. Thanks to the methods used, the treatment of patients becomes easier. Again, there are new techniques for those who want thick hair. Techniques used and prices vary.

Since each hospital can give different prices, you can visit health centers to have more information about hair transplant prices and to examine treatment methods. Erdem Clinic is happily serve you in the best quality and with a professional medical staff. For more information, please visit our website and fill out the contact form to reach us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do hair transplants last for?

The results are change according to experience the doctor has. But with a right operation, it is a permenant result.

Do hair transplants look natural?

Because of the forming of the hair is coming from the natural hair follicles of the patient himself, it looks natural.

When does hairloss stop?

There is no specific time for hair loss to stop. It can begin in any age and can continue to the ages 50-80