Nomophobia, which is the short pronunciation of the English word no mobile phone phobia, is defined as the fear of being away from a mobile phone. Have you ever thought about how many times a day you look at your phone? According to research, we look at our phones an average of 2617 times a day; unfortunately, this number is much higher in those addicted to the phone.

What is nomophobia?

There is a lot of nomophobia research being done today. These include nomophobia and lifestyle smartphone use and its relationship to psychopathologies. The nomophobia definition based on these researches means being overly afraid of being disconnected from the communication provided by the mobile phone. So it is the smell of being deprived of the mobile phone in some way. This condition, which can be described as one of the new syndromes of the modern age, has become widespread, especially after the increasing use of smartphones. The desire to reach out and be accessible causes smartphones to be crowned. Therefore, people may experience psychological tension due to being without a phone and not being able to communicate by phone.

Causes of nomophobia

The cause of this psychological problem is not fully known. But some nomophobia research papers state that this problem develops due to the instant communication and instant gratification that smartphones provide. However, this addiction can cause a compulsive behavior. It is known that this psychological problem, also called phone addiction, is increasing in the world.

Nomophobia symptoms

The signs of nomophobia are similar to other known symptoms of anxiety and depression. They can include:

  • anxiety
  • feeling like a person is “incomplete” when they don’t have a phone, experiencing a sense of emptiness
  • controlling the phone obsessively even when you are next to it
  • feeling overly helpless when the charge runs out
  • forgetting your phone somewhere, malfunctioning of the phone, that is, being afraid of not being able to use the phone
  • changes in breathing
  • trembling
  • tachycardia
  • sweating
  • agitation
  • disorientation

What are they afraid of?

It can be said that addiction underlies the fear of losing the mobile phone connection. Cell phone and social media addiction works just like the mechanism in other addictions. Just as a person experiences withdrawal symptoms when he cannot reach what he is addicted to, and needs more and more, the same effects are seen in nomophobia. In fact, as in addiction, many people may decide to use their phone less; that is, he may try to try to quit. The underlying reason for this fear is the feelings such as loneliness, and fear triggered by the modern age.

Nomophobia treatment

Research on nomophobia treatment focuses on 4 main questions.

  • Are you afraid of not being able to communicate?
  • Do you feel like you’re addicted and afraid of losing?
  • Are you afraid to access information?
  • Can you give up the conveniences that smartphones bring?

This nomophobia scale measures the level of risk for people who may develop a phone addiction. Unfortunately, it does not serve to diagnose it exactly. This makes it difficult to tell exactly if people are sick and calls into question the need for treatment. Therapies for the treatment of nomophobia range from interpersonal counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy. Exposure therapy, too, continues by exposing the patient to their phobia and gradually establishing real-life scenarios. In the process of treatment, the patient acquires a serious awareness. Mindfulness is known to significantly reduce nomophobia tendencies, especially on women.

Do a Digital Detox

There are simple methods that can be applied to get rid of nomophobia. Not using to the phone for a while, can be difficult in day. But if you also realize that it’s actually a comfort. Doing an occasional ‘tech detox’ can be a good solution. So you can understand people’s emotions or notice what you’re feeling. Observe how the sky is. With these simple methods, you will notice the color of a flower or grass. Technology doesn’t dominate you. You can dominate it. And you can at least occasionally remove technology from your life. Follow these methods without getting caught in nomophobia. You can set some rules for similar methods to protect your child from nomophobia as well.

If you think that you have temperament and characteristics related to nomophobia, you can contact us by calling the Erdem Hospital call center.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is nomophobia and do you believe it?
This psychological problem is one that comes with the digital age. It means an excessive fear of being cut off from the communication provided by the mobile phone. So it is the smell of being deprived of the mobile phone in some way.
What are the effects of nomophobia?
This disease comes with a set of identifiable symptoms. These are; increased heart rate and blood pressure, shortness of breath, dizziness, depression, discomfort. In addition these, fear, anxiety, nausea, trembling, and panic are can be seen.
There is no specific treatment option for this. But your therapist may try some therapies to reduce your symptoms. However, with a digital detox, you can minimize your phone addiction. So, a month or two is enough for a detox treatment.